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Welcome to World Commerce & Contracting / Capgemini contract automation software comparison tool

This is a free online tool that enables you to specify your requirements and identify the most relevant contract automation software solutions available on the market today.

Developed by WorldCC in partnership with Capgemini, the unique tool offers vendors the chance to promote their products and potential customers the chance to evaluate their choices – and unlike other comparison tools, the service is totally fee-free and unbiased.

The Market for contract automation tools and systems is complex and yet the momentum for automation is unstoppable. Many are aware of the need to push forward with a contract lifecycle management (CLM) system – but they face many challenges in doing this. 

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Our Goal

The aim of this website and the associated report is to provide high-quality, objective guidance that simplifies selection procedures for everyone.  We want to bring together the vendors and potential customers. 

We provide:

  1. An authoritative definition of the contract management lifecycle
  2. An automation guide explaining overall background and categorizing functionality
  3. This on-line tool to support supplier analysis and selection

WorldCC remains entirely objective in the advice it provides; there is no funding by the vendor community.  This tool is open access and will continue to be updated to reflect shifts in the market or in specific supplier offerings.

Visit to download the IACCM-Capgemini Automation report

What people are saying about the tool...

Inland Revenue found the tool easy to use and it gave us excellent insight into what was available from the market, this helped us during our market analysis phase to target organizations who were a close fit to our requirements.

Simon Mason - Head of Commercial and Procurement, New Zealand Inland Revenue

In my view, the report (and tool) is a much-needed independent and objective view of the world of contracting lifecycle management (CLM) technology.  In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of CLM technologies of all stripes, largely attempting to solve similar business problems, but approaching solutions in slightly different ways, and with varying levels of focus on particular features and functions.  The smorgasbord of available solutions has become challenging to navigate, and in some cases, the offerings do not deliver on all their promises.  The IACCM’s work in this space has come at the perfect time and offers an unbiased, single source of information on the available choices.

Steven Walker - CEO and Founder, Gen2Law

The number of inquiries about our tool has certainly increased since we have been listed on the IACCM Tool.  It is a great initiative and really helpful to us as Vendors as well as our customers.